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Dan Luebke
23 March
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I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin, but I have done quite a bit traveling. Mainly in the U.S. My strongest/deepest passion is for film. I currently attending Film School in Vancouver. I have a very strong passion for the power of detail. I like the beauty in the expression of emotion. I lean quite heavily towards independant film, I feel as though I am settling when I watch a movie soley because things blow up in them. I very much am mesmerised by the work of David Mamet. His unbelievable talent as a playwrite has transfered over to filmmaking just beautifully. It also appears that the talented filmmaking genes in Francis Ford Coppola were dominant, his children Sophia and Roman seem to be well composed in the art of film. I also like to read, my favorite author is Tom Robbins. But I also like Christopher Bram, Don Bajema, Robert Heinlein and Ernest Hemingway. One of the most influencial expiriences of my life was my attendance to Burning Man Festival. The typed or spoken word can not be given and truly do justice to the astounding expirience that Burning Man provides. The best description I ever heard phrased was,"The Post-modern carnival of the absurd." I also enjoy fishing in serene lakes and streams or even the ocean tucked away in places where there is solitude. I have learned to value fitness. I work out regularly and love living on a boosted metabolism. I also enjoy observation and self awareness. Those are two things I strive to improve at. I look forward to living somewhere far away in a culture unfamiliar to me. I enjoy learning of rare places in the hope that someday I can visit there.
I fail to tire of creative expression. One interest that I have is music. The band that first kind of...forced me to look deep into the relam of the emotional power of music was Tool. Other influences enclude Rollins Band, Black Flag, The Ramones, The Misfits, Fugazi, Morphine, Massive Attack, Ministry as well as Radiohead just to name a few. I also enjoy classical music as well(tchaikovsky,bizet and puccini).

"The price of self-destiny is never cheap, and in certain situations it is unthinkable. But to achieve the marvelous, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought."

-Tom Robbins

"The most powerful narcotic in the world is the promise of belonging."

-Kalle Lasn

This is a passage from a book that I bought at a Henry Rollins spoken word show. It was written by Don Bajema it is something that I think is rare but special and I wish to share with you...

"Eddie feels trapped in the culture of Southern California. He is tired of the billboards offering him his own masculinity through tobacco products. He hates the promises of confirmation of his sexuality and desirability from sports car ads on T.V. He is insulted by the assurance that he earns power and validity through the possession of this probuct or that, by the distorted and grotesque subliminal images promising him manhood,sex,heroism. He mistrusts the easy rites of passage supplied by his culture. He knows the commercial influences are wrong,threatening something akin to what used to be sacred."
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